Quest for the Holy Relics: In Which Introductions and Mistakes are Made

These are interesting times in the City of Alydar.

Located at the center of the continent, for most of its history Alydar has been little more than a way-station for travelers wishing to punctuate their journeys with a good meal and a safe place to lay their head. A few short months ago, a tremendous gold mine was discovered just outside the city. The population has been steadily expanding ever since.

With a growing population comes an increased need to keep order, a task that local law enforcement is not yet prepared for. Therefore, they have turned to Klaus’s Ranging Company to help.

Klaus’s Ranging Company has been a mainstay in Alydar for years. By all accounts a reputable organization, the Company accepts jobs from tourists and local folk alike. Although Klaus enjoys a profit, his main concern is helping people; therefore, his company will not accept any job it deems wrong or illegal. Since local law enforcement has been overwhelmed, business has picked up significantly; Klaus’s rangers have been tasked with keeping order outside of city walls, in the area surrounding Alydar. Although things have been busy in general recently, today in particular has seen a sudden surge in job requests.

Bones, Quintus Mallory, Sarm Santee, and Ivor Fireheart have been sent on a mission to take care of a group of rowdy kobolds, to the north of the city. According to the job request, these kobolds have been terrorizing travelers and ransacking caravans for the past few days.

Although these adventurers have seen each other around town in the course of doing business and may have even worked missions with one another from time to time, all four have never been on the same mission together before today.

After investigating the area alluded to by the request and doing some simple tracking work, the group thinks they have found the kobold den. Hidden behind a thick, wild hedge, they have been camped outside of a large, primitive hut made of straw, grass, mud, and small tree trunks for ten minutes. The hut has a single door covered by a dirty sheet, but no windows. Although the outside of the shack is rife with signs that kobolds obviously live here, so far the party hasn’t spotted any coming in or going out.

It’s midday, and although the sun is shining, for the most part the woods here are covered in shade. A light, steady breeze is blowing, and apart from chirping birds and the gurgle of a nearby creek, all is quiet.

“So who’s going to knock?” asks Ivor. “Day’s far too fine to be shut up inside a shack like that.”

Running a hand back through his hair, Ivor takes time to savor the pleasant weather in between inspections of his crossbows. Being small enough to be wielded in each hand, the bows have a higher chance of malfunction than that of most other projectile weapons. It has been several weeks since his last guided mission; a gold mining job that ended in failure after an accident wounded his clients. To this day, he has believed the accident was an act of sabotage, and despite his saving the injured with first aid, the worry is clear on the dwarf’s face. He will not let the people of Alydar down again.

Rising to his feet under the tree where he was preparing, he holsters his hand crossbows at his hips with a dagger at each side. As he steps out of the shade the others see him more clearly, a tanned dwarf with dark brown hair brushed back into a ponytail that ends at his broad shoulders. His full beard is trimmed neatly. In fact, this man has taken pride in his appearance down to the display of his leather armor; polished plates strapped to a durable outfit with a smart military cloak. Most of this is an attempt to hide a burn on his face and neck suffered in the mining accident.

“This den’s size could be deceiving. Kobolds burrow, that’s what I’ve always been told, so I have a suspicion that it could expand into the ground,” Ivor chuckles before continuing.

“They could have realized too that the rangers have been contracted. Wouldn’t blame them if they’re scared…

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